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Brooklyn by William Klein  
The eye of an iconic photographer, who authored some of important works of fashion photography, falls on the city of Brooklyn and traces the highlights of some of the most interesting moments, landscapes and stories. America’s diversity, a value which both distinguishes, and characterizes, the US, is portrayed page after page, documenting the city that calls itself “America of Tomorrow.” The photographs are being exhibited for the first time in France at Polka Galerie in Paris. The exhibition will then be followed by one in London and one in New York. 
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Met Online
400 000 works of art, in the form of images, viewable with just a simple click. The MET in New York will open its archives and digitize them, according to Director and CEO Thomas Campbell. All images are high-resolution, zoomable on every detail. The project is called OASC (Open Access for Scholarly Content), and is meant for international art education. Sculptures, prints, paintings, photographs and ceramics will be viewable from anywhere in the world and from any device. 
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Home is Where You Park It  
In August 2011 Foster Huntington, post-graduate, was hired by a manager of a well known brand as its creative director. Tired of office life monotony, he suddenly decided to leave, and resigned his job taking only his surfboard, a camera and a van to explore the United States. The book Home is Where You Park is a collection of photos documenting Foster’s adventures and other explorers that he met along his journey: van, trailer, camper are all accompanied by short stories and travel notes. 
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New York Community Gardens  
 The “green” New York that we all know comes from the hundreds of acres of Central Park. But in the Big Apple, there is an underground green movement, comprised of the local community gardens. True oases that are halfway between private and public gardens. Though historically ignored, they are currently being “protected” by local members of each respective community who take care of cleaning and maintenance. You can find them scattered everywhere and they number about 600 in all of New York. An association called The Green Guerrillas offers services such as exchanging plants, fertilizing and organizing volunteer gardeners.
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Featured Curator: Roberto Cruz Niemiec [ArchAtlas]

Echo by Isabel M Martinez deals with the aspects of experience where the real, the known, and the imagined blend. Perception is a recurring theme within her work, and has become a foundation from which she explores ideas that reflect on notions of time, space, simultaneity, duration, and entropy. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan